In Growlanser Wayfarer of Time, a Familiar (使い魔?) is a fairy-like creature that diligently serves its masters who've created it. It is made known that only those with the potential or ability to use magic can see a familiar. Familiars are created in Dollhouses which also serve as their home, training facility and wardrobe changer. The player has the option of choosing from one out of four available familiars based on a series of questions asked later on throughout the game.

List of FamiliarsEdit

  • Tippi:
  • D-PT: A human-figured familiar to serve the hero. Constantly bright and cheerful, and perhaps the party's moodmaker. TP type's feature is to strengthen your physical ability.
  • D-YN: A human-figured familiar to serve the hero. Prudent with diligence, her behavior is full of intelligence. LN type's feature is to strengthen magic.
  • D-RM: A human-figured familiar to serve the hero. Somewhat childlike, a warm and snug peculiar atmosphere is LM type's characteristic. She gives a calm impresson but as for abilities, she compares favorably to the other types.

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